How to Prevent Heart Disease, Start from Now

Maintaining the health of the liver is important to do. Various things can cause liver disease. Starting from consuming too many certain foods or drinks, obesity, to consuming excessive drugs. When a person experiences liver disease, there can be disruption of the toxin removal system from the body. Because, the liver or liver has an important role to filter and remove toxins from the body that enters with food and drink. The liver also plays a role in digestion by producing bile which helps break down fats from food, and store glucose as an energy reserve for the body. Causes of Liver Disease Without realizing it, many daily habits can trigger liver disorders or liver disease. These habits and patterns of life include: Consume too much sugar The liver needs fructose, which is one type of sugar, to produce fat. But if you consume too much processed sugar and artificial sweeteners from corn starch extract with high fructose levels, it can cause a buildup that is at risk of caus
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